Going Deeper Into GNURadio Companion


Going Deeper Into GNURadio Companion

Advanced Software Defined Radio - Shannon and Darren get deeper into GNURadio Companion on Pentoo for more RTL-SDR fun. All that and more, this time on Hak5!

Advanced GNURadio Companion



RTL-Source: samp_rate=2M Freq=93.6e6
Replace WX GUI FFT Sink with WX GUI Waterfall Sink
Add Filters->Rational Resampler. Decimation=4. Interpolation=1.
### Note, Resamplers->Rational Resampler Base != Rational Resampler
Add Filters->Low Pass Filter. Cutoff Freq=100k. Transition Width=1M
Add Modulation->WBFM Receive. Quafrature Rate=500k. Audio Decimination=1.
Add Filters->Rational Resampler. Decimation=500. Interpolation=48.
### This will come in to play when we output to soundcard.
### Note the blue in and orange out of WBFM. IO Size. Must Match. (ie. Float vs Complex)
### Up / Down arrows to change values.
Add Audio Sink. Sample Rate=48KHz (from drop-down)
Add GUI Widgets->WX GUI Slider.
Change Variable: freq -- Value=variable_slider_0