GPU accelerated MD5 Brute Forcing, Easy Windows Password Recovery with Ophcrack live USB and Dave Randolph


GPU accelerated MD5 Brute Forcing, Easy Windows Password Recovery with Ophcrack live USB and Dave Randolph

In this first episode of '09 Dave Randolph joins us to geek out about all things video. Darren whips up a Password Cracking Cocktail and shows off a wicked fast MD5 brute force tool that harnesses the power of your Nvidia graphics card. Shannon saves the day by recovering her sisters Windows password with Ophcrack Live. And Evil Server gets his evil on while we were away on holiday.

MD5 Brute Forcing with your graphics card

Since Nvidia released the CUDA API for Windows, Mac and Linux a number of advances have taken place in the world of brute forcing. In this episode I feature a tool by Svarychevski Michail Aleksandrovich that claims to be the world's fastest MD5 cracker -- BarsWF

Using the brute forcer with a couple Nvidia 8 series or newer graphics cards you're able to achieve unprecidented speeds. I've seen claims of nearly 4 billion hashes per second with quad SLI.

CUDA has also spurred other developments, such as this NTLM brute forcer for Linux.

In my segment I go into the very basics of password cracking theory and MD5 hashes with some simple scenarios. My aim is to provide a fundamental understanding of the concepts. If you're interested in reading more I suggest starting here.

--Darren Kitchen

Windows Password Recovery with Ophcrack Live USB

Recovering Windows Passwords coulnd't be easier with Ophcrack Live on USB. Whether it's your sister's forgotten XP account or [insert other legit reason] a little USB booting and Rainbow Table loving's got you covered.

Preparing an Ophcrack USB key is as simple as formatting your drive for FAT32 with the HP USB format tool. Downloading and launching USBOphcrack.exe and running the included batch file. The program will download a small set of rainbow tables and prepare your USB drive.

For even higher password recovering accuracy I recommend finding a larger set of Ophcrack compatible rainbow tables. Or if you're feeling adventerous why not try out the Hak5 community rainbow tables -- a whopping 120GB of NTLM goodness.

--Shannon Morse

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