HakVan Solar Installation and Chrome Privacy Extensions


HakVan Solar Installation and Chrome Privacy Extensions

This time on the show, Darren preps the van by installing solar; then Shannon show us how to get our privacy on with some Google Chrome extensions. All that and more, this time on Hak5!

Chrome Extensions

Let's talk Chrome Privacy Extensions!Each of these extensions does something special- whether it is blocking ads, javascript, or just third parties- you'll know what's going on in your browser while you surf.


NotScript increases your security by blocking scripts on a domain by domain basis. It's incredibly customizable and very detailed oriented. Need to set a password to begin use. Passwordprotects your privacy by blocking any websites from collecting the NotScript whitelists.

AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus blocks all those annoying popups, banners, etc that you might see from day to day. You can create your own filters too! Here's how! Example: Hak5.org


Ghostery blocks third-party elements like social network widgets, ads, trackers, etc. It'll notify you and you can choose to OK or block them. This is how it works... Example: Engadget.com (purple bubble). Not necessary with NotScript.

Vanilla Cookie Manager

Vanilla Cookie Manager lets you whitelist cookies from certain sites in case you need them for authentication, site preferences, or other reasons. Since cookies can also be used to track what you do on other sites, you can block those.

HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere does exactly that: It sets many unsecure sites to automatically connect via HTTPS, instead of HTTP. This isn't necessarily something you'll remember to do every time, so just use this extension!