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This time on the show we're Breaking into Windows boxes with no skillz necessary using Konboot for USB, Spear-Phishing with a WiFi Pineapple, Sudo with pipes in Linux and downloading torrents anonymously

Hacker Headlines

Remember how Skype had a gaping security hole last week where third party apps could steal your data? They fixed it! And now if you own an Android 2.1 device, you can get Skype 3G calling without a Verizon Wireless sanctioned app. Pretty cool! Good job Skype!

If you're a PS3 gamer with a credit card tied to your PlayStation Network account, now might be a good time to check your bank statements. After day long outages of PlayStation Network and Qriocity, Sony is reporting that account information including name, address, email, birthdate, login, password and handles have been obtained by an unauthorized person. Sony isn't ruling out the possibility that credit cards data was taken and is advising users to check their credit, keep an eye out for suspicious activity and follow up with the FTCs Identity Theft site. Sony has gone as far as to have provided the names and contact information of effected parties to the three major U.S. credit bureaus so that users may place a "fraud alert" on their files for free.

If you have an Xperia unbranded Play, Arc, Neo, or Pro, you can now try out custom ROM's and mods. Sony Ericsson released the Android bootloader unlocking site, so you can tinker to your hearts desire on those machines. But modders be aware! If it goes wrong, your warranty will too...

While Google has announced encryption support in the third version of its yet to be open sourced Android operating system, many are looking to the Guardian Project for features like full-disk encryption, secure instant messanging and anonymous web browsing. The project aims to create apps and open-source firmware for those looking to protect their communications.

Use that old CD ROM laser to create a laser triggered water bomb trap! Great for pranks and giggles!

Circumvent Windows Login Security with a USB boot-drive, Phishing with a Pineapple and anonymous torrenting!

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

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