Hacking the Airwave with HackRF and Jailbreaking the NetGear NeoTV

This time on the show, Hack the Airwaves! Darren sits down with HackRF creators Mike Ossmann and Jared Boone at Toorcon San Diego. Then, rooting the Netgear NeoTV with just a remote? It's possible with just a little command injection. Plus, disk imaging in Linux the sexy way. All that and more!


The HackRF project is developing an open source design for a low cost Software Defined Radio (SDR) transceiver platform. SDR technology allows a single piece of equipment to implement virtually any wireless technology (Bluetooth, GSM, ZigBee, etc.), and we hope the availability of a low cost SDR platform will revolutionize wireless communication security research and development throughout the information security community.

Rooting the Netgear NTV300