Fixing Ubuntu 12.10 and What it Means to Be a Public Hacker


Fixing Ubuntu 12.10 and What it Means to Be a Public Hacker

Patching privacy holes in Ubuntu 12.10, event triggers in Linux with CuttleFish, and what it means to be a public hacker. All that and more, this time on Hak5.

How to Disable Amazon Ads and Data Leaks in Ubuntu 12.10

Unity includes Dash, an easy to use integration to search apps, music, etc. Dash can search the internet too, pulling up Amazon product pages via HTTPS, but Amazon gives you images of the products over HTTP. So any MITM can see what you're searching for. Hello, violation of privacy! You can uninstall Dash's Amazon integration by removing the package called unity-lens-shopping from your computer. If you are currently using Ubuntu 12.10, you can click here to open unity-lens-shopping in Ubuntu Software Center, and then click the "Remove" button on the right. You can also uninstall it by opening the Terminal app and typing: sudo apt-get remove unity-lens-shopping If you want Dash to only search your local computer and not search the Internet at all, you can open the Privacy app and switch "Include online search results" from on to off.

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