Build Your Own a Free VPN Server in Minutes and Securely Setup Android Client


Build Your Own a Free VPN Server in Minutes and Securely Setup Android Client

Setting up an OpenVPN Server with Android clients, connecting to preconfigured wifi channels on your Android device, and more!

Build your own a Free VPN Server in Minutes and Securely Setup Android Client

Thanks to Micah and all others who pointed out the MS-CHAPv2 vulnetability demonstrated at DEFCON 20. I can't believe I missed this. Check out the writeup at

Previously on the show we used Adito to setup an OpenVPN server. This time I'm using Untangle and my Open Source router software of choice.

The setup couldn't be easier so follow along as I demonstrate an OpenVPN server setup on Untangle from within a Virtual Machine

Remember, once you've setup the OpenVPN app in Untangle and created your first user you'll want to hit Apply changes in order to find the Distribute link. Click Distribute and then the "Other OS" link to get the files you'll need for an Android client. Save 'em to the default location (~/Desktop) and now you'll be ready to SCP 'em to your phone or PC.

In Untangle just minimize the admin panel and you'll find a Terminal link in the bottom right. You'll find the file in the Desktop directory. In my demo the Android phone is running an SSH server on port 4444 so the command is

scp -P 4444 user@:

After uncompressing the zip file on the root of my Android phones SD card I SSH to the device and move the config files into a single directory - this is what the Android OpenVPN Connect app will want.

ssh -p 4444 user@
cd sdcard/untangle-vpn
mv hak5* untangle-vpn/

Once everything is in the right place it's simply a matter of opening"" target=""_blank"">OpenVPN Connect and importing the credentials from SD card.

If this is useful to you I encourage you to check out"" target=""_blank""> - it warms my heart to be sponsored by a cool open source project that I've been using since '09 and they might be a perfect fit for you too. --Darren


Charles writes: I was wondering what distro and bash colors Darren is using in Episode 1225? It looks awesome...

Geekalomaniac: I pass by a few capptive portals on my way to work. That can be really annoying because my cellphone allways connects to the strongest available wifi. Is there a way to configure android devices to connect to certain wifis only.