Introducing the LAN Turtle


Introducing the LAN Turtle

Introducing the Hak5 LAN Turtle, and a site to site VPN with OpenVPN Access Server. All that and more, this time on Hak5.

Our newest edition to the Hak5 family of pentesting gear is the LAN Turtle, a covert tool for remote access, network scanning, and man-in-the-middle. It is covert and simple, just like the USB Rubber Ducky, but it is also versatile and powerful like the WiFi Pineapple. The case is a covert USB Ethernet Adapter shell, with an embedded Linux distro packed inside.

The Hak5 LAN Turtle excels at remote access, man-in-the-middle, and network reconnaissance. Open-source Turtle Modules are available to do a number of exploits and attacks. It's super easy to setup too using an intuitive menu over SSH we've dubbed the Turtle Shell ;-)

They're available now at:

Learn more abou tthe the LAN Turtle at: