Wii in HD, Portable Ubuntu, SheevaPlug, Fon 2.0, Facial Recognition, Doom and More

Backing up Wii games to SD so you can play them in HD with the Dolphin Emulator. Ubuntu inside Windows, the SheevaPlug and Fon 2.0 embedded Linux devices. Face.com's photo finder for Facebook. The best Doom source ports and much more.

  • Darren opens the show with the "Stalker Wall" from hakstalkers.com
  • Shannon is excited about the Dolphin Wii Emulator and its 720p HD capabilities as seen on youtube
  • Shannon and Darren discuss backing up Wii games with special hardware
  • And the Dolphin Emulator's compatability list
  • Then Shannon details how to backup Wii games to SD card using some homebrew apps including a wad manager, ios5.wad, and nitrotux's Wii disc dumper. All the important detials are up on Shannon's blog Snubsie.com
  • Darren is happy to be running Ubuntu inside Windows with Portable Ubuntu for Windows
  • Darren explains that its using Cooperative Linux for virtualization.
  • A full write-up can be found at DarrenKitchen.net/Portable-Ubuntu-For-Windows
  • Darren just got his SheevaPlug and can't wait to play with it.
  • LinuxDevices.com has a great review of the SheevaPlug
  • It's already being used in consumer electronics. For example, the PogoPlug, the CloudPlug, and the Hip Serv.
  • The developers kit can be had for about $100 from GlobalScaleTechnologies.com
  • Shannon has been playing with the facial recognition technology in Face.com's Photo Finder Facebook application. Word is she's got some invites. Hit her up or see all the details on her blog at Snubsie.com
  • Darren wraps up the book on Doom with a chapter on his favorite source ports. The roundup includes Legacy, Doomsday, Classic Doom 3, and Eternity Engine.
  • Finally we answer a bunch of your questions. Remember to send your thoughts to feedback@hak5.org or questions@hak5.org.
  • And don't forget, this month our LAN Party is Skulltag -- an epic port of the original Doom and Doom II. It brings the classic first person shooter into the 21st century while maintaining the essence of what made Doom great for so many years. I highly recommend you check it out and get involved in this all-month-long LAN Party at doom.hak5.org.

    If you don't already have a copy of doom.wad or doom2.wad grab a legit copy from steam for $10 or grab the open source iWad FreeDoom!

    Happy Fragging

    Special shout out to Tamara Hudson of SockMonkeyFun.net and SockMonkey.net for the awesome "D-Monkey". We're giving away one of her sock monkey kits as a prize for this week's contest. Detials at Hak5.org/MonkeyContest.

    Thanks for your contributions and support -- we really appreciate it!