Introducing Interceptor: The network tap and rogue wireless access point


Introducing Interceptor: The network tap and rogue wireless access point

The perfect primate for pen testers is none other than network monkey. Introducing Robin Wood's Interceptor -- on this episode we hack the Fon+ and turn it into a network tap and rogue wireless access point. Sniff the LAN from across the street or hack the network from the inside out! Learn how Network Monkey Pirates your Packets today!

Our friend digininja is at it again. On this episode we feature Robin Wood's latest hack based on none other than the Fon+ wireless router.

Interceptor is a wireless wired network tap. Simply put you place it in line on an ethernet cable, then connect to it via a special wireless access point. Once connected and running the Interceptor scripts you'll be able to sniff all of the traffic passing across the wire.

Interceptor doesn't affect TTL and adds minimal latency to packets. It doesn't associate to the target network so discovering an active Interceptor on your LAN isn't trivial.

This tool is perfect for pen testers. The device inexpensive, based on the Fon+ router and using open source software. It is small enough to fit behind a network wall plate, inside a plush monkey, or even inside a network switch or other gear.

In this episode we demonstrate the usage, illustrate the installation and speak with the developer Robin Wood.

You can download the software and play with it yourself from and find support and discussion at the Hak5 Interceptor Forum.

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