Hacking with Netcat, Targeted Brute Force Dictionaries, Virtualization and Pimping your Wordpress


Hacking with Netcat, Targeted Brute Force Dictionaries, Virtualization and Pimping your Wordpress

Darren shows off some nifty tricks for Netcat and a targeted brute force attack dictionary generator. Matt continues his series on Virtualization with redundancy and Shannon pimps the blog with her Wordpress plugin picks. Plus the results of our Monkey Contest, the Code Challenge and this weeks easter egg hunt ;)

Common User Password Profiler

The Common User Password Profiler from Remote-Exploit is a password/passphrase generator specifically targeted as an individual user. Feed it some info like names, birth dates, spouce, children and pets and it will generate individually, or along with an existing dictionary, thousands of potential passwords. Just add water, feed to your favorite brute forcer and enjoy.

From personal experience I can vouch that, while simple sounding, this would have a HIGH success rate on some of my _former_ (L)users. Administrators take note and enforce BOFH password requirements ;)

netcat - "The Swiss-army knife for TCP/IP"

When it comes to sending and receiving TCP and UDP any which way from the console nothing is more versatile or easy to use than netcat.

With a few simple commands you can use netcat to initiate chat, file transfer or even shell access in either direction between a "server" and a "client".

The tool can be set to listen or broadcast on any port and tied together with some shell-fu almost anything is possible.

Some listener favorites include cloning hard drives over a network with dd and netcat, tailing a log across the network, port scanning, IP redirecting, or even spoofing user-agents and referrers. Internet Explorer 22 anyone?

Digininja points to this great netcat cheat sheet (PDF 128K).

What kind of crazy stuff have you done with netcat? Feedback@hak5.org

Shannon's Wordpress Plugin Picks


This plugin allows you to automatically post your new posts on the twitter website. This is good because the iPod and iPhone for example have a large amount of twitter clients to pick from. Your blog posts will arrive to people while they are walking the streets.


Socialite allows your Wordpress posts to publish to Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace. Each social networking site can be enabled or disabled for publishing, and each is configured separately with their own options. Support for Short URL services such as zz.gd and Tinyurl.com is also supported.


Automatically add links to your favorite social bookmarking sites on your posts, pages and in your RSS feed. You can choose from 99 different social bookmarking sites!


MobilePress is a WordPress plugin that will render your WordPress blog on mobile handsets, with the ability to use customized themes. The plugin also allows specific themes for specific devices / mobile browsers, such as iPhone, Opera Mini, Windows CE Mobile and other generic handset browsers.

Resize at Upload Plus

The plugin will automatically resize an image upon upload, depending on the maximum width and height that you define. Gone are the days when you, or your client, will ruin a site's layout by uploading a huge file with 25 megapixels. Be advised: there is no backup, no copy of the originally uploaded image.

WP-Cache 2.0

WP-Cache is an extremely efficient WordPress page caching system to make your site much faster and responsive. It works by caching Worpress pages and storing them in a static file for serving future requests directly from the file rather than loading and compiling the whole PHP code and then building the page from the database. WP-Cache allows to serve hundred of times more pages per second, and to reduce the response time from several tenths of seconds to less than a millisecond.

Wordpress Backup

Backup the upload directory (images), current theme directory, and plugins directory to a zip file. Zip files optionally sent to email.

WP Security Scan

Scans your WordPress installation for security vulnerabilities and suggests corrective actions.

WP Ban

It will display a custom ban message when the banned IP, IP range, host name or referer url trys to visit you blog. You can also exclude certain IPs from being banned. There will be statistics recordered on how many times they attemp to visit your blog. It allows wildcard matching too.


Count every viewer and every article view for each blog entry, no matter how and where it is read: pixelstats tracks views of each blog post or page, not only on a single article page but also on each other page where the complete article is shown, i.e. the blog front page, category pages, search result page, archive pages and even RSS fee

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