Windows USB Booting, Fon Hacking Illustrated, DimDim, DeskSpace and Portals


Windows USB Booting, Fon Hacking Illustrated, DimDim, DeskSpace and Portals

Booting Windows from a USB key using the Windows Automated Installation Kit. Unlocking the Fon and Installing Jasager -- Illustrated. Desktop and meeting collaboration using DimDim, the free open source online collaboration software. Turn your Windows desktop into a 3D spaces cube, and more!

Chris Gerling describes how we can use the Windows Automated Installation Kit, a free download from Microsoft, to build our own bootable Windows USB key. This tool is great for repairing borked PCs, more securely accessing a public computer, or installing Windows on optical drive-less ultra portables. Submitted by Moonlit - Show Notes.

Darren Kitchen brings La Fonera hacking with a geek friendly cartoon. This simple 20 step guide will have your Fon unlocked and running Jasager in no time! (Pineapples and battle armor optional) Step by Step guide

Christine Bourquin demos a nifty little Windows app that turns your desktop into four independent spaces on a 3D cube. Kinda like Compiz for Windows. Check out DeskSpace and it's free alternative.

Matt Lestock demos DimDim, a web-based collaboration platform that offers media-rich features. It's a open source "WebEx" alternative that'll blow your mind. Run it either hosted or install it on your own servers. SysAdmins look out, this little gem will be wowing your boss so sneak a little OSS in the corporation and save a little green too :)

We'll be at Day-Con on the 11th, VA Tech on the 17th, Phreaknic on the 25th and finally back in studio and probably HD the very next week. Stay tuned to for all the details and announcements or follow @hak5 on the twitter.

Oh yes, and thanks for all the help with the donating for Hak5 stickers! We're getting close to our goals. :)