Darren Visits The Maker of Printrbot and Bitlbee Advanced


Darren Visits The Maker of Printrbot and Bitlbee Advanced

Brook Drumm joins Darren to talk all thing 3D printer with Printrbot and Bitlbee goes advanced. All that and more this time on Hak5!

Printrbot 3D Printers

Brook Drumm from printrbot.com talks all about 3D printers and it's future.

Bitlbee Advanced

  • First join with /server localhost. The bitlbee server is running on your computer and online.
  • identify password (or) register password if you haven't already
  • add an account with: account add jabber snubsie@gmail.com password
  • turn on the account with: account on
  • save your settings with: save
  • to chat use: /msg username message or user: message if you just want everything in the same window
  • status updates are annoying, so you can turn those off with: /ignore &bitlbee MODES
  • now add some contacts with: add 0 hak5darren
  • To add a contact: add 0 example@gmail.com
  • Use this to see what account number coincides with the account: account list
  • To remove a user: remove example
  • Rename the user if you have similar usernames: rename example2 example2gmail
  • Type /join >alk (etc) to join a channel that just has your gtalk chats and contacts.
  • Type: account gtalk off to turn off gtalk.
  • To delete an account type: account 0 del (You'll need to sign off before deleting)
  • Add a channel by typing /join command just like in irc.
  • Remove a channel with: channel gtalk del
  • Add an IRC chatroom to Bitlbee with chat add acctID room Channel (chat add acctID #hak5 irc.hak5.org)
  • To chat with someone in a chatroom Type: chat with Hak5Darren
  • If you want information on a username type: info 0 username or info nickname. It'll show you the nickname, first and last name, email address, and other information provided by the chat client.
  • Need to block someone? Type: block nickname
  • Or to allow them again type: allow nickname