Kali Linux Raspberry Pi Laptop and Hijack Windows Password


Kali Linux Raspberry Pi Laptop and Hijack Windows Password

Cheap Kali Linux Laptop with a Raspberry Pi, a Lapdock and Custom Cables - Shannon Morse reports. Then, Persistently Stealing Windows Passwords in Plaintext. Mubix of Room362.com demonstrates this devious hack! All that and more, this time on Hak5!

Kali Linux Raspberry Pi Laptop with a LapDock and Custom Cables

Check out Shannon's review of Kali Linux on episode 1408 of Hak5 for an in depth look at the OS. Basically, it's a pentesting Linux distro that runs on Debian and builds on the success of of BackTrack.

Today, we're installing Kali Linux on the Raspberry Pi and turning it into a laptop of sorts with a Motorola Atrix Laptop Dock and our custom cables (or create your own)

The same will work for anything that accepts USB keyboard/mouse and outputs video over HDMI. Persistently Steal Windows Passwords in Plaintext Mubix of room362.com joins us to demonstrate this devious hack to persistenty steal Windows passwords in plaintext using Password Filters. Check out the full article at the carnal0wnage blog.