Salty Hashes


Salty Hashes

While on Vacation at the beach Darren and Shannon talk password security. Shannon covers her favorite free open source password safe, Keepass, and how it can take the nightmare out of remembering a different password for every site. Then, Darren goes over salting and what it does to protect your password's hash on the back end.

With the dozens--or in the case of many administrators hundreds--of passwords one must use and remember every day, how is one to ensure a secure and original password every time? Sure you could come up with some crazy algorythm that involves information in the WHOIS record of the domain you're logging into, or you could live in normal land and get a password safe. Shannon goes over her favorite free open source offering KeePass.

Using industry standard encryption to keep your passwords safe, KeePass is the most full featured password safe we've tested. With versions for just about every OS under the sun, including many smart phones, there is no reason to ever reuse a password again.

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When it comes to storing passwords on the back end, whether they be in a database or flat file, it's important to keep 'em salted. In this episode Darren goes over what Hash salting is -- what it means to users, administrators, and would-be password crackers.

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