Session Hijacking and Virtualizing Servers


Session Hijacking and Virtualizing Servers

Session Hijacking with a Pineapple, Hamster and Ferret and cell phone? A free and easy way to virtualize physical servers! And is WPA Broken? Ikea clusters, screencasting, and canvas technolust.

Is WPA Broken? Interesting stuff coming out of PacSec this year. Ars has a great writeup about it our check out Martin Beck and Erik Tews' paper Practical attacks against WEP and WPA (PDF). There is a proof of concept tool available from the Aircrack-NG folks. Take a look at Tkiptun-ng. At time of writing the tool is not fully functional. Something to keep an eye on.

Steve P. writes to us about the Helmer beowulf cluster. This 6xCore2Quad is sure to make any geek smile. Kitty approved too! While stuffing a personal cluster into an Ikea cabinet is novel in and of itself the mad scientist behind it has thought some insane cluster designs including the 50 tflop Helmer 2 and the 4 pflop Helmer 3. All I can say is I want one. Thanks for the links Steve.

Darren enjoys a Bondages' No Problem while Matt and Shannon stick with the margaritas.

More importantly Darren talks about Session Hijacking and demos a tool from Errata Security called Hamster and Ferret that, in conjunction with the latest 2.0 build of Jasager, an ICS'd EVDO connection and Tftpd32 we're able to "sidejack" with our little man-in-the-middle setup. Lesson learned? Be suspicious of any wifi. Check for signatures of trusted networks and tunnel your traffic. We'll come back to this topic with a more indepth segment on Jasager detection and traffic encryption soon.

A note on trivia. Please answer trivia questions on the Hak5 forums from now on. We would love to continue doing dual winners but with growing prize costs we cannot. Also, if you're interested in volunteering to help with trivia code challenges lend a hand in the Dev5 board.

Matt shows us how to convert a physical server into a virtual server locally using the free VMware converter tool and talks about some of the concerns you must consider when preparing to virtualize. If you have virtualization questions hit up Matt and we'll cover 'em on future segments. Matt at Hak5 d0t org.

Alex W. writes with a question about screen recording. We highly recommend the open source Camstudio as well as FRAPS and Techsmith's Camtasia Studio (warning: sticker shock may occur at Paul (our "camera guy") suggests checking out the new screen capturing functionality of the latest verison of VLC, especially if you're on the Linux or Mac side.

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