Shmoocon 2009


Shmoocon 2009

We head out to DC for Shmoocon, our favorite hacker conference on the east coast, to talk to some of the brightest minds in security. Dave Kenedy on his project FastTrack. Michael Ossmann about sniffing bluetooth. Joshua Abraham on his software GIS-Kismet. Mister X, author of Aircrack-ng and Johnny Long, author and security guru on Hackers for Charity.

Dave Kenedy talks about Fast Track, a python based open-source project aimed at helping Penetration Testers in an effort to identify, exploit, and further penetrate a network.

Michael Ossmann and Dominic Spill presented on Building an All-Channel Bluetooth Monitor using the USRP and a lot of awesome code. It turns out listening to 79 channels at once is harder than you think.

Joshua Abraham spoke to us about wireless network mapping with his tool GIS Kismet

Mister X, author of Aircrack-ng shares with us a glimpse of the future of wireless network cracking.

Johnny Long, security expert and author, talks to us about Hackers for Charity

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