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We head out to DC for Shmoocon, our favorite hacker conference on the east coast, to talk to some of the brightest minds in security. We talk to Tom Eston about social media security, TheX1le about his new tool airdrop-ng, Jason Scott about preserving our digital heritage, Chris Paget about man-in-the-middle attacks against GSM networks, and much more.

Cloning, Spoofing, Man-in-the-middle sniffing, and decrypting GSM

Chris Paget of h4rdw4re shares with us the in's and out's of GSM hacking. Armed with a USRP and his open-source software, Paget pretends to be your GSM tower, and a lot more.

Chris released at Shmoocon the OpenBootTS Live CD. Based on Debian, this mininal distribution acts as a GSM base station when connected to a USRP. OpenBootTS provides a cellular interface and Asterisk to terminate VoIP calls.

Shmoocon 2010

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

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