Virtualized USB Booting with QEMU, Steganalysis with Scalpel, x11vnc, & Screen for Windows

This time on the show, carving hidden files with scalpel, booting USB drives in Linux from QEMU, VNC tips for BackTrack and Android, and more!

This time on the show, carving hidden files with scalpel, booting USB drives in Linux from QEMU and VNC tips for BackTrack and Android. All that and more this time on Hak5!Int0x80's Scalpel Segment

Booting USB drives from within Linux with Qemu

Earlier in the season I talked about using the plop bootloader to boot USB thumbdrives from Virtual Box in Windows. Well, today thanks to an email from Rob we'll be doing something similar in Linux.Rob wrote:

Hey Guys and Gal,I saw the *fix* for Virtualbox booting a USB drive with plop and loved it. Plop is how I boot USB on my Macbook Pro. Nice tip, but here's another way to test your USB keys, fire up a terminal and launch ' sudo qemu -hda /dev/sdx ' where x is the drive letter of your USB drive under Linux. Qemu will launch a VM with the key as a hard drive. Hope someone gets some use out of this.

Thanks Rob!We'll begin by opening a terminal. The shortcut since I'm using Gnome is CONTROL+ALT+T.

Now if you don't already have qemu installed you can get it by entering ""sudo apt-get install qemu"". I've already done this so it will just say it's already installed.

So now that QEMU is installed we'll need to figure out what device our thumbdrive is. One way to figure this out is to enter ""ls /dev/sd*"" before and after plugging in your flash drive and seeing what changed. So I'll type ""ls /dev/sd*"" and hit enter and I can see I have ""sda"" and ""sdb"" and if I plug my thumbdrive in now, wait a moment for it to pop up, and now enter ""ls /dev/sd*"" again I'll see that ""sdc"" shows up.Another way to figure this out is to enter ""dmesg"" and look for the attached device.

Ok so with all that figured out we're ready to finally boot off our thumb drive. Just type ""sudo qemu -hda /dev/sdc"" and hit enter.And there you go, your thumb drive is booting from within Linux using QEMU. Here I can see Puppy Linux is starting up. Yay! Now I have Linux running inside of Linux! That's almost as fun as dividing by zero! That's so meta... ha! So do you have comments or questions? Email me at or drop a line in the comments section.

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