Wii Homebrew, 3CX meets PSTN and Interceptor Linux client


Wii Homebrew, 3CX meets PSTN and Interceptor Linux client

In this episode Shannon hacks the Wii and shares her favorite homebrew with us. Matt connects 3CX to the PSTN and Darren sets up a network monkey client in Linux.

Twilight Hack

Wii Homebrew

You need a few things:

  • wii
  • wii mote controller
  • computer
  • internet access
  • small sd card formatted as FAT.
  • Zelda Twilight Princess for Wii
  • The Wii Brew Wiki
    Homebrew Channel

    How to install the Wii Homebrew Channel on your Wii using the Twilight Hack.

    Download the Twilight Hack. There are two versions, one for Wii system 3.3, and one for 3.4. I haven't updated mine, so I'm still on 3.3.

    Download the Homebrew Channel zip file.

    Also, if you want, go ahead and download some apps from the HackMii website. I suggest the Homebrew Browser so you dont have to copy apps to the SD card every time you wanna download something new.

    You'll need a small SD card 2 gig or smaller. Make sure to format your SD card as FAT. Do to this, right click on the SD card, and choose format. Simple!

    Put the SD card in your Wii, then turn it on. Go to the Wii Options-->Data management-->Save Data-->Wii section of the menu. Find your Zelda: Twilight Princess saved file, and copy it. If you havent played it yet, you might not have a saved file, so go ahead and play a bit. Put your SD card in your computer and copy the "Private" folder from the card to your comp, just in case you may need it in the future.

    Move the homebrew executable that you extract from the zip file to your SD card root directory and save it as boot.dol or boot.elf.

    Also, save the Twilight Hack Private folder from the extracted zip file to your SD card.

    Now, check out your Twilight Princess game CD. It should have some hard to read serial numbers inscribed on the inner circle. Match this serial with the corresponding "Save slot".

    RVL-RZDE-0A-0 JPN /private/wii/title/rzde/data.bin TwilightHack0RVL-RZDE-0A-0 USA /private/wii/title/rzde/data.bin TwilightHack0RVL-RZDE-0A-2 USA /private/wii/title/rzde/data.bin TwilightHack2
    Region Inner circle text File Save slot
    Europe/AustraliaRVL-RZDP-0A-0 JPN /private/wii/title/rzdp/data.bin Twilight Hack
    Asia (JPN) RVL-RZDJ-0A-0 JPN /private/wii/title/rzdj/data.bin Twilight Hack
    America (USA)
    America (USA)
    America (USA)

    Inside the private-->wii-->title folder are 3 folders with letters corresponding to the serials. Delete the two that don't match your cd.

    Put your SD card back in the Wii. Go to Wii Options-->Data management-->Save Data-->Wii and erase the Zelda save now. Open the SD card menu and choose Twilight Hack. Copy to the Wii.

    Stick your game CD in your Wii and boot up Zelda! Choose the save slot that corresponds with your serial. Mine was TwilightHack0. Go ahead and skip the intro, it doesn't hurt the hack. Once you see Link as a playable character, either walk backwards or talk to the guy in front of you. This will start up the hack install process, so just choose "Agree" to everything.

    You're done! Now you can play on the homebrew channel. Yay!

    Get the homebrew browser so you can download apps straight from the channel instead of shuffling your SD card around.

    To do that, simply stick the sd in your computer and create a folder called apps. Copy the homebrew browser folder and its contents over to the sd and back it goes to your wii!

    If you have some cool homebrew for the Wii, tell me about it or ask me any questions at <mailto:snubs@hak5.org>Snubs@hak5.org.

    Don't forget to submit your questions@hak5.org and feedback@hak5.org and thanks for your contributions.