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This time on the show, Cookies beware! It's Session Hijacking time. Darren reports from Automate 2011 with a 28 foot multi-touch bar. Plus, websites made easy with Komposer, a Backtrack vs Blackbuntu review and a whole lot more.

Hacker Headlines

SSL provider Comodo was hacked allowing attackers to obtain secure certificates for Google, Yahoo, Skype and others. comodo is claiming that the sophisticated attack against its European partner must have been "state-driven." Comodo's own incident report points out IP addresses from Iran responsible for the attack. While simply obtaining these certificates, which have since been disabled, wouldn't make those sites vulnerable -- it would allow passwords and emails to be snooped using man-in-the-middle attacks to impersonate the legitimate sites. That would be pretty trivial to do if, say, you were Iran, which controls the nations telecommunications infrastructure.

The RSA's SecurID systems has been hacked! The SecurID is a tool that authenticates by having you key in a password but also a series of random numbers. A few days ago the tool sent out an email to it's users saying it was a victim of a hack that extracted certain data from the RSA's system. Data that was directly related to their SecurID two-factor authentication tools. The RSA says it isn't that bad, but make sure you beef up security at your company, i.e. make stronger passwords. Like that's really going to get people to change their passwords.

Say you wanted to write your own Stuxnet like worm to attack SCADA systems? Well your job just got a lot easier. Security researcher Luigi Auriemma released proof of concept code for 34 vulnerabilities affecting SCADA systems from Siemens, Iconics, 7-Technologies and DATAC. The code, released on the bugtraq mailing list, doesn't affect the backend systems, merely the operator platforms, however they would allow attackers to potentially crash systems, retrieve sensitive data or dig deeper into the network.

Check out those sweet Nintendo 3DS's at your local retailer! Demo units have been available to play in stores, but they won't let you check out the menu or the specs underneath the games that autoplay on the devices. Luckily, there is now a nice little hack to let you get into the main menu and see what lies beneath inside these awesome new toys. Check the link and give it a try.

Is your government or ISP messing with your data? In the wake of the Internet blackouts of Egypt and Libya, Google is announcing awards of at least a million dollars to Georgia Tech researchers working on tools for web users, as well as smartphones and tablets, which detect whether ISPs are adhering to service level agreements and if data is meing tampered with.

Cookies beware, we're Session Hijacking! Blackbuntu vs BackTrack, Komposer and a 28 foot multi-touch bar!

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

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