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This time on the show, Cookies beware! It's Session Hijacking time. Darren reports from Automate 2011 with a 28 foot multi-touch bar. Plus, websites made easy with Komposer, a Backtrack vs Blackbuntu review and a whole lot more.

Snubs Report: Komposer

Shannon checks out the easy web authoring tool Kompozer. Here are some of her favorite features:

  • Web authoring tool
  • No HTML or coding needed
  • FTP Site Manager- browseable side bar and tree view (kind of like Explorer's folder pane)
  • Color Picker- Easy to use color swap, just click with your mouse.
  • Tabs- Can edit several docs at once
  • CSS Editor- Easy to create stylesheets
  • Styler- Toolbar lets you change style instantly
  • Customize toolbars
  • Forms- XUL-based UI to edit forms
  • Cleaner- get rid of annoying
    's- make valid documents
  • XFN- Can add XHTML info saying you know and trust an external link
  • Visible Marks- can view carriage returns and block borders.
  • Table/ Cell resizing rulers- Adjust rows and columns easily
  • Automated Spellchecker

Cookies beware, we're Session Hijacking! Blackbuntu vs BackTrack, Komposer and a 28 foot multi-touch bar!

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

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