How to Make ANY Application Portable


How to Make ANY Application Portable

I LOVE portable applications! Who likes installing stuff? Today I'm checking out Cameyo, a free virtualization tool. Huzzah!

Making an app portable sounds hard, right? But it's not. Using Cameyo's free virtualization program, you can combine all of the files, DLL's, and the registry into one single file that you can open from a USB, dropbox, or other cloud storage to be used on any computer. You don't have to reinstall your apps again and again. Using a virtual app (which is also referred to as a portable app) also keeps your computer stable and carefree by isolating the applications from the PC. I can already see this program freeing up a lot of my valuable time.

So how does it work?

First off, download the executable file of a program that you want to download. Next, open Cameyo and click on capture installation. Cameyo will "record" the download files needed to use the program you're installing. Follow the on screen instructions in Cameyo and at the end you'll have one file that you can put on a USB stick and carry with you. Now to see if it's really that easy!

The first time you run it, it'll need to take an initial system snapshot that may take some time. Once done you can start the process.

Cameyo also works online, where you login to their website and submit your application installer and they package it for you. You click Package and after a few minutes, you'll get an email with the packaged file ready for you to take on the go.