Samsung Ships 2013 HDTVs: F8000 LEDs, F8500 Plasmas, Smart Evolution Kits! 4K Update: Samsungs 85-inch S9 UHD Is Gorgeous... and costs $40 Grand!

Today, we get the lowdown on when we can expect Samsung's home theater options we saw at CES. Robert fills you in!

Samsung's dropped the word on when stores will get those sweet 2013 home theater products we saw at CES will finally ship. We've got deets on Samsung's UN85S9, the flagship S9 UHD 85-inch HDTV: it's 4K, but what -else- do you get for $40,000??? Giga Sound Systems: the 2300W MX-FS8000 and 2560W FS9000. (That's a powerful Bluetooth audio system...)