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The Full Story why Blu-ray Doesn't Resume (And Sometimes Does!) Versus is back on DirecTV. Want the best surround sound? We've got some suggestions for you. HDTVs for Under $850, and the Blu-ray releases for April 27th, 2010.

It's In Your Settop Box, 3D HDTV Without Glasses, Monsters vs Aliens 3D Reviewed

More set top boxes are using Flash, including Syabas' Popbox, the Boxee Box, and possible Android-based devices too. Newsight has come up with a 3d HDTV that uses parallax barrier technology and doesn't require glasses. Blu-ray.com has posted their first 3D review: Monsters vs Aliens 3D, though the disc is only available to buy with Samsung's 3D Starter Kit. Watch the video for all the details on the latest in HD news.

Great HDTVs for $850, Surround Sound Hacks, Worlds First 3D Blu-ray! Flash Isn't Dead, CRTs vs. LCDs, Formula 1 Going HD

Monday, April 26th, 2010

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