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Is Ceton's TV Tuner shipping? Should I upgrade my upscaling DVD Player? Top 5 Alaskan movies. Are soundbars a good option for my system? And the Blu-ray releases for October 19th, 2010.

Biggest 3D HDTV Ever! World's Thinnest Bezel! Sony's Google TVs, Stream HD to Your TV Via USB

LG announced the biggest 3D HDTV ever: the 72" 72LEX9, though it won't be available until next year. Samsung has anounced their new 55" Digital Information Display panel, with the world's thinnest bezel. Engadget got hands-on with the remote for Sony's Google TV-powered set. Logitech Harmony launched new apps for Android and iPhone for their upcoming Revue. Veebeam is a new product that sends your computer's screen to your HDTV via wireless USB. Watch the video to see which of these new products could land in your living room.

Blu-ray Won't Help. Sound Bar 101, HDMI Capture, DIY Wall of HDTVs, Largest 3D TV Ever!

Monday, October 18th, 2010

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