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Is Motion Blur A Lie? HD Cable Channels Missing: Check For A Switch Video Upgrade. What's the difference between a $100 and $400 Logitech Harmony universal remote? Cheap Blu-ray for DVD Swaps, and the Blu-ray releases for December 15, 2009

Universal Remotes from Harmony Reviewed

Logitech's Harmony lineup of universal remotes includes something for everyone. We take a look at the Harmony 880, and the fancier Harmony 900. Watch the video to find out which one is worth your hard-earned cash.

Is 240Hz HDTV A Scam? $100 Harmony Universal Remote, Blu-ray DVD Swaps, Missing HD Channels Found, Top 5 Brad Pitt Films in Hi-Def!

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

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