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It's CES 2010! 3D HDTV Was Everywhere (Robert found the best!) DIY CableCard: EngadgetHD's Ben Drawbaugh has the scoop. 720p Skype: LG and Panasonic Promise Skype HDTVS. RGBY? Sharp Adds a Fourth Pixel. Two Great Settop Boxes: Boxee Box by Dlink And The PopBox. Blu-ray releases for January 12th, 2010.

Samsung's .3" Thin HDTV

Samsung showed off a new super-thin C9000 HDTV measuring at a mere .3" thin, which had even the most jaded giddy with excitement. Watch the video to find out why Robert's more excited about their C8000 series.

3D HDTV: Exploding the CES Hype! Boxee vs Popbox, .3" Samsung LED 9000, Dolby Volume, 720p Skype HDTVs, DIY CableCard!

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

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