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VLC Player gets an upgrade! Vizio announces a new router, speakers, headphones and more! Does Blu-ray Always Mean Better Picture? We review Lenovo's Lenovo Multimedia Remote with keyboard: is it the best HTPC remote ever? The Blu-ray releases for June 29th, 2010.

Video Lan Client Upgrade, 3D NASCAR, WD's My Book AV DVR Explained, New Vizio Toys!

VLC player, everyone's favorite do-it-all media player just got upgraded with hardware acceleartion and more! GPU decoding, new codec support, integrated playlists, multiple views, and more! Nascar is going 3D! Watch the Coke Zero 400 from the Daytona International Speedway on your 3D HDV on July 3rd! And if you don't have a 3D HDTV, but you still love Nascar, check out TNT's RaceBuddy, which gives you multiple camera angles as well as commercial free audio! Western Digital is shipping their My Book AV DVR Expander. It includes eSATA and USB ports and works with a whole list of cable boxes, like Tivo, DirecTV and Time Warner. Vizio,/a> introduced a few new products, including new soundbars, wireless surround speakers, new LED LCD HDTVs and more! Watch the video for all the latest in this week's HD news.

Calculate The Perfect Viewing Distance. Lenovo Multimedia Remote. VLC Goes HD. Nascar In 3D!

Monday, June 28th, 2010

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