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Logitech's losing money, are its awesome Harmony Universal Remotes on the chopping block? Josh is converting a college from VGA to HDMI... can we recommend a good HDMI cable tester? Denise wants to mount an HDTV near a microwave oven... will it be safe?

HDMI Testers

Josh is interested in an HDMI cable tester to use at his work. Robert suggests a cheap continuity tester to make sure that physical connections are working. If a cable is acting iffy with a 1080p60 signal...replace it! Want to see cool signal testing graphs? See Blue Jeans Cable.

Microwave Vs. HDTV. Affordable HDMI Cable Testers. Logitech's Dropping Harmony Remotes?!? HDMI Eye-Pattern Tests!

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

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