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Logitech's losing money, are its awesome Harmony Universal Remotes on the chopping block? Josh is converting a college from VGA to HDMI... can we recommend a good HDMI cable tester? Denise wants to mount an HDTV near a microwave oven... will it be safe?

Logitech Discontinuing Harmony Remotes

Logitech is looking to sell the Harmony brand. Turns out that earnings were pretty abysmal and CEO wants to go in a different direction, focusing on tablet and mobile markets. And hey, have a want a workaround to use more devices with your current Harmony remote? See this CNET link!

Microwave Vs. HDTV. Affordable HDMI Cable Testers. Logitech's Dropping Harmony Remotes?!? HDMI Eye-Pattern Tests!

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

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