Overscan Sucks! Buying Used HD Gear, MLB + Roku, Drain The Ocean, Rescue Me!

$10 Samsung TV from Bestbuy? Roku: a better way to watch MLB in HD? End Overscan: see the whole picture on your HDTV, and the Blu-Ray releases for the week of August 18th.

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Robert's looking forward to watching National Geographic's Drain The Ocean he's got saved on his DVR: two hours of CGI-enhanced HD science goodness. (Next airing is Sunday Aug 18 @ 2PM)

What's Patrick watching? Rescue Me, every Tuesday night at 10PM eastern.

He's wondering if his DirecTV DVR (or any HD DVR attached to digital cable or satellite TV service) compress the signal more than what comes from the cable/satellite? Robert's got answers... and we discuss how compression often varies by channel.