$98 Blu-ray Player, HD Bargains, YCbCr vs. RGB HTPC, This Week's Blu-ray Releases!

Walmart's $98 Blu-ray Player vs. Sony's BDP-S360 and LG's BD390, Netflix + Sony, Home Theater Help: Component vs. RGB and Our Very First Recession Selection!

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HD News:

Last week Samsung announced that Blockbuster On Demand was coming to -duh- Samsung HDTVs, Blu-ray players and home theater systems. Meanwhile Sony announced that their Bravia Internet HDTVs would be getting Netflix streaming... at least the ones that have the internet video link module. So Bravia TVs are trying to catch up w/ LG and Samsung blu-ray players,

Nope, no PS3 or Sony Blu-ray player Netflix action.

Does streaming video look fugly on HDTVs?

Should we do a massive streaming video roundup on HD Nation? We're thinking: Roku Netflix player, Vudu, Apple TV, LG and Samsung Blu-ray players, Xbox 360, TiVo HD, Boxee... the list could go on!

I think there's a streaming HD roundup in our future!

Email hdnation@revision3.com and let us know what you're using to stream video, or if you'd rather avoid it.

Blu-ray on sale Amazon's Blu-ray Blowout Sale is running till Friday, July 24th... 300 titles, including lots of box sets for up to 66% off list. Sweet!

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There's a bunch o' new Blu-ray titles coming out Tuesday, July 21st... our picks include 300: The Complete Experience, Midnight Express, Coraline and Watchmen: Director's Cut stand out.

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry stands out for different reasons.

Looking for Justin Sluss' High Def Disc News review of Midnight Express?

Other releases this week include, Echelon Conspiracy, The Great Buck Howard, Prison Break: The Final Break Pushing Daises: The Complete Second Season

Looking for a place to find a great selection of Blu-Ray discs? Check out Netflix! As a new member, you can get a no-risk two-week free trail membership… Check it out at www.netflix.com/hdnation.

Product Review:

Walmart has a $98 Blu-ray player, the Magnavox NB530MGX. Is Patrick gonna be bummed about the $270 blu-ray player he just bought? To find out Rob went over and picked it one up and gave it once over... find out just how good it is on the show!

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Our very first, Recession Selection, aka HD on the cheap is Blu-ray delivery to your doorstep from Netflix and Blockbuster Online! Save yourself time, money and gasoline... instead of running out and buying HD movies or dealign w/ a weak selection at the local store.

Home Theater Help:

Tommy's got a decision to make about Pixel Format... Robert says go YCbCr, aka component if it's an HDTV. If you're talking computer monitor, think RGB.

Final Pick:

This week's Final Pick is Robert's favorite Blu-ray player. Or, as it turned out, players, plural. Top of the line: Sony's BDP-S360 is the most energy efficient model out there, and does excellent upconverting. Cheap? The Magnavox from Wamart we covered today. In between? LG's BD 390 offers built in wireless, support for streaming and is the fastest player you can buy!

Thanks for watching, we'll see you next week!