Laser Projectors from Christie Digital, Disney Buys Lucasfilm and thus Star Wars, Windows Media Center on Windows 8: Problems With Big ISOs?

Disney reviving Star Wars in 2015?!? Forget about bulbs, Christie Digital's latest HD projectors will use lasers. Robert has been running Windows 8 on his Home Theater PC, and WMC working spiffy... with one big exception!

Disney now has the Force on their side. The entertainment goliath capped off their year with a monumental purchase of Lucasfilm. Now, Disney can add the sci-fi epic to join its massive roster which already includes Marvel. Plus, Christie Digital has unveiled their latest of their HD projectors, which will use lasers! The projectors have already won over many by creating picture that has trumped bulb projectors. And lastly, Robert is running Windows 8 on his Home Theater PC and while WMC is working well, there's been one big exception!