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Selectable Output Control: The MPAA wants to control your HDTV. When to run 24fps, HDMI audio for your Home Theater PC, The Blu-Ray releases for the week of September 8th, 2009, The Wizard of Oz: Restored Again!

HD News: Will The MPAA Control Your HD?

The MPAA was back in Washington, DC last week, meeting with the FCC. Why? They want 'Selectable Output Control' over set top boxes. The upside could be prime HD content in your home without the long wait for the disk to be be released. The downside? Ten to twenty million HDTVs without digital inputs will be blocked from seeing the new content. ArsTechnica.com has a great writeup.

MPAA vs. HDTV? 24p Help, HTPC HDMI Audio, Wizard of Oz Goes HD!

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

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