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Selectable Output Control: The MPAA wants to control your HDTV. When to run 24fps, HDMI audio for your Home Theater PC, The Blu-Ray releases for the week of September 8th, 2009, The Wizard of Oz: Restored Again!

HDMI Audio for Home Theater PCs

9:28 Description: Matt wants to build an HTPC, but is worried about having problems getting audio over his HDMI cable. Don't worry, Matt, we've got options... you don't have to spend $200 plus on an HDMI passthru audio card, unless you're desparate for Dolby TrueHD. (And you should read Anand's writeup Auzentech HomeTheater HD Preview: Bitstreaming True HD/DTS-HD MA before you do!) Most new GPUs support audio output over HDMI... and we've got lots more info on the show.

MPAA vs. HDTV? 24p Help, HTPC HDMI Audio, Wizard of Oz Goes HD!

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

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