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  • Hologram Porn Coming to Your Phone, via CamSoda

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    Android Authority

  • Richest Dead Celebrities

    He may be dead, but Michael Jackson still beats it, coming in at number one. Watch this video to see who else made the list of richest dead celebrities!


  • 4 Insane Theories About the Universe

    Watch now for 4 mind-blowing theories about the universe...the confusion and dizziness are completely worth it.


  • Chainsaw Cheerleaders, Lonely Robot Women, and Facebook Camera

    This week, we worry about the emotional health of Japanese lady robots. Meanwhile, cheerleaders attack zombies, helpful avatars are creepy, and Facebook steals Instagram's thunder.

    Annie's Bits

  • In a Galaxy Far, Far Away Tupac is Still Alive & Rapping

    So how did they make that Tupac hologram, anyway? And which dead celebrity would YOU most like to see resurrected? Plus Emily from Film Riot has a terrible case of the dreaded Bieber Fever and the worst (and best) of summer blockbusters coming to theaters near you!

    Annie's Bits

  • Little Big Planet 2

    It's all about the future this time, guys - first up, we've got a prototype of a new fully 3D display technology, the Ray Modeler. Then we take a look at the all new LittleBigPlanet 2 and see how community content is revolutionizing the way you're going to play video games.

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