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  • No Pants Allowed On Subways

    Check out the No Pants Subway Ride 2017 official video!


  • Mugshot Extortion, "Jerk" Blackmail is Still Big Business

    Use code: wtbd295 for $2.95 .com URLS Use code: wtbd30 for 30% off new purchases The FTC charged the website for deceiving consumers, alleging that the site created profiles from stolen Facebook photos and then charged people removal fees. But the business of online blackmail is still thriving. Despite legal action, some mugshot removal sites are still charging hefty fees for the removal of embarrassing arrest records.

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  • E-Whoring: A Guide to the Worst Job on the Internet

    E-whoring can be an easy way to make some cash online! All you need to do is download a bunch of horrible files, install some software, and spend hours cybering with strange men on Chatroulette. Easy, right? As Annie finds out, it's not the glamorous job it's cracked up to be.

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  • Don't Play Games with Sexy Singles

    Tinder, a popular dating app, has had a flood of spam accounts promoting a game called Castle Clash, according to many online reports. The maker of Castle Clash, I Got Games, says they don't know who is behind the spam. But even if you don't use Tinder, these spammy accounts are everywhere, sometimes shilling far more harmful affiliate links.

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  • Computers Can Read Emotion Better Than Humans

    Software can now identify complex human emotion (arguably) as well as humans can, and this tech will find ts way into your products soon. So how will advances in artificial intelligence ultimately be used?

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  • Top 4 Worst Politicians: Crazy and Corrupt Edition

    Who doesn't love a good political scandal? In honor of this week's crazy story about anti-gun, anti-video game Leland Yee, here's a (incomplete) list of some of the biggest weirdos in politics in recent memory.

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  • Senator Hates Violent Games, Busted for Trafficking Guns to MILF

    CA State Senator Leland Yee, who crusaded against guns and violent video games, is busted for conspiracy to smuggle rockets and missles to militant groups in the Philippines, among a stunning array of allegations against the longtime politician and his associates, including convicted gangster Raymond "Shrimp Boy" Chow.

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  • Free Money: Get Paid to Use Digital Currencies?

    "National cryptocurrencies" are on the rise this week, with some - like Auroracoin of Iceland and Gaelcoin of Ireland - offering FREE coins to those who register. But can you really call it a "cryptocurrency" in that scenario? And could they possibly make an impact?

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  • These Robots Are About to Take Your Job

    In an interview last week, Bill Gates suggested that software will replace a large number of jobs over the next couple of decades. Is your job likely to be automated? Let's look at some industries where this is already happening, and where it is most likely to continue.

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  • What is DeepFace? 'Human-Level' Face Matching, Explained

    Facebook announced a new facial recognition technology called "DeepFace". (Not to be confused with the mid-2000s Australian DJ act of the same name.) The DeepFace system can recognize human faces with virtually the same level of accuracy as a human, in what some are calling a major step forward in artificial intelligence research. But it might be awhile before we see DeepFace widely used.

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