Shannon Morse


  • VM Packet Sniffing and Lasers - Hak5 2119

    Sandboxes, packet sniffing and malware analysis - this time on Hak5!


  • Stealing Files with the USB Rubber Ducky Pt 2 - Hak5 2113

    Today we're continuing on our series on exfiltrating documents with a USB Rubber Ducky.


  • Linux Terminal 201: Getting Started with Vi - HakTip 0147

    Today on HakTip we're talking Vi!


  • Building The Ultimate Gaming Emulator - Hak5 2021

    Building the most awesome console and arcade emulator ever - all that and more, this time on Hak5.


  • How to Build An OpenVPN Access Point - Hak5 2017

    Building an OpenVPN access point, this time on Hak5.


  • Unboxing The New Slim XBR X930D Series (4K HDR LCD TV )

    Just in time for pre-sale, the SGNL team gets to unbox Sony's new 55"class (54.6" diagonal) BR X930D Series (4K HDR LCD TV).

    SGNL by Sony

  • Your Sony CES 2016 Questions Answered: New Turntable, HDR 4K TVs & more

    Patrick Norton and Shannon Morse answer some of the best questions you posted about Sony's CES 2016 new products

    SGNL by Sony

  • CES 2016: Sony's New ZR5 Audio System (FIRST LOOK)

    The new ZR5 Audio System has just been announced at CES 2016!

    SGNL by Sony

  • CES 2016: Sony's New Hi Res Turntable - PS-HX500 (FIRST LOOK)

    Sony just announced the new Hi Res Turntable at CES 2016!

    SGNL by Sony

  • CES 2016: Sony's New 4K HDR TV - X930D (FIRST LOOK)

    It is that CES time of year again! We've just announced our XBR®X930D Series 4K HDR TV (55 and 65-inch models) and X940D (75-inch model).

    SGNL by Sony