Geoff Johns - Writer of The Flash: Rebirth and Green Lantern

On the day Flash Rebirth was released Geoff Johns sat down with Josh and talked about his work with DC Comics, including Green Lantern, JSA, 52, Action Comics and the Flash.

Superstar DC writer Geoff Johns is responsible for the reemergence of Hal Jordan in Green Lantern Rebirth and the Sinestro Corps War, as well as legendary runs on The Flash and Justice Society of America. Currently, he's working on reinvigorating the world of Superman, as well as returning Barry Allen to the DC Universe with Flash Rebirth, in collaboration with Ethan Van Sciver. Soon, we'll see the release of Blackest Night, the much heralded Green Lantern event.

Johns did a Q&A panel at Jim Hanley's Universe to celebrate the release of Flash Rebirth, and he took questions from Josh, as well as the audience. He covers everything from his approach to creating comics, to how he got his start, to his time working as director Richard Donner's assistant.