Mike Wieringo left a lasting mark on comics with runs on The Flash, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, and his creator owned Tellos. Tom Brevoort of Marvel, writer Todd Dezago and columnist Augie DeBlieck Jr. join iFanboy to take a look at a career that ended too soon.

The world of comic books suffered a tragic loss when Mike Wieringo passed away this past August. Mike Wieringo was a penciler and artist on many comic books published by the major publishers, DC Comics, Marvel Comics and Image Comics.

In this episode, we're joined by some folks who worked with Mike and appreciated his art:

- Tom Brevoort - Executive Editor at Marvel Comics

- Todd Dezago - Writer on Spider-Man, co-creator of Tellos and Mike Wieringo's best friend.

- Augie DeBlieck Jr. - Columnist at Comic Book Resources and host of the Pipeline Podcast

Some highlights from Mike Wieringo's career include:

The Flash - Teamed up with writer Mark Waid, Wieringo helped bring The Flash to one of the must read comics from DC Comics in the 1990s.

Robin - After his run on The Flash, Wieringo penciled Robin, which brought a sense of action and youth to the solo title for Batman's sidekick.

Spider-Man - Working with Todd Dezago on writing duties for the first time, Wieringo brought a level of quality to the Spider-Man books at their lowest point in the late 1990s.

Tellos - After working together on Spider-Man, Todd Dezago and Mike Wieringo created Tellos, a fantasy comic book published by Image Comics. Tellos was recently collected in an oversized Colossal edition and is available now

Fantastic Four - Teaming back up with Mark Waid, Wieringo did his best work for Marvel in his career with a long run on one of Marvel's flagship titles

Mike Wieringo also maintained a personal blog, mikewieringo.com, which featured daily sketches as well as his thoughts about working in comics.

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