Romance Comics


Romance Comics

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and how better to celebrate your love than to curl up with a good comic book abour l'amour! We've got comics that cater to the love, be it Strangers in Paradise to Blankets to Preacher to Green Arrow/Black Canary, where there are comics, there's usually love!

Usually when people think of comic books, they think of capes and tights and violence, but love has always played a role in the world of comic books. Dating back to the 1940s, in the comics Golden Age where genre books were all the rage, titles like Young Romance by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby told tales of love and romance in comic book form. Romance comics faded in the 1950s, but saw a resurgence in the Silver Age with books like Millie the Model by Marvel Comics

In today's day and age of comics, there are many books that tell the tales of love, relationships, hardships and happiness. Books like Strangers in Paradise by Terry Moore, Blue Monday by Chynna Clugston, Empowered by Adam Warren, Love Fights by Andi Watson, 12 Reasons Why I Love Her and Love The Way You Love by Jamie S. Rich and various artists, Blankets by Craig Thompson and even Preacher by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon all touch on the concept of love in comics.

But romance doesn't just have to be limited to comics about love. Even super hero books get touched with the love bug as they depict the romantic relationships such as Superman and Lois Lane, Green Arrow and Black Canary, Cyclops and Jean Grey, Hawkeye and Mockingbird...the list goes on and on.

So find that special someone, get comfortable and prepare to be overwhelmed with butterflies and happy thoughts as we stroll through the world of Romance Comics!