The Deuce Has Dropped

Internet Superstar

The Deuce Has Dropped

Internet Superstar continues to rise from the east, slowly warming the frozen landscape of online entertainment.

In this second installment, Martin and Gator talk to Anthony Smith, an English lad who built a rubber band gun called The Disintegrator. Does that name sound a little grandiose for a rubber band gun? Not when you consider that this wicked persuader has 24 revolving barrels that can fire a face-lacerating 40 rounds per second. Amazing what people will resort to in a country where guns are illegal. Watch the full video of this office supply heavy ordnance in action here.

Next up is a probing interview with another brit, a guy calling himself Mr. Pregnant, who you'd likely want to repel with The Disintegrator if he came within thirty yards of you. A 375-pound monstrosity with snaggleteeth in his mouth and a soup pot on his massive, braided head, Mr. Pregnant has established himself as a true YouTube sensation with a long line of hits such as "Big Girls Don't Cry", which has been viewed an astonishing 2.5 million times. Why is that astonishing? You'll see when you watch it.

The interview soon turned weird, as in incomprehensible, so Martin decides to challenge Mr. Pregnant to a game of "Would You Buy It," asking the big guy if he'd purchase molds designed to cook eggs into gun shapes, a range of products made from elephant dung, and some topical cream that removes penis odor.

Hard to believe that only two shows in, it's already this good. Martin is truly well on his way to becoming an Internet Superstar.