CNET TV's Natali Del Conte Gets Loaded

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CNET TV's Natali Del Conte Gets Loaded

Talking technology with Natali Del Conte from CNET's daily news show, "Loaded." Plus, an unflinching interview with a young man who broke his penis. And, it turns out the shed is haunted...

Hey gang! Here's where we found all the amazing people, videos and other online bric-a-brac featured in Episode 10 of Internet Superstar:


Francis Reno, Young Man with a Broken Penis

Technology Journalist Natali Del Conte of CNET TV's "Loaded"


Dank Pit Fight

Larry King tries to rap with Snoop Dogg

Retarded Miss Teen USA Contestant

Hillary Clinton Takes Sniper Fire

Martin's Boy Band, "eMale," performs "Download My Love"

Gator's Blog:

Dear Gator Blog,

Once, I went out in my front yard and just started digging a trench. When I got tired I rested and drank from a handle of gin, but mostly I just kept digging. When I reached the edge of my property I kept going. Four houses later some asshole showed up and started screaming at me, but I had on my headphones on playing led zeppelin at full volume so it was all just lip flap to me. He kept screaming as I slowly climbed out of the trench and stood in front of him with my shovel, just staring at him. Something in my eyes must have said, "Step the fuck off," because he suddenly shut up and backed away. I went back to digging and he never came back again.


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