Irina Slutsky

Web video star Irina Slutsky seems to be everywhere you look, on and off the Internet. Including in the shed of Internet Superstar, where she and Martin talk David Hasslehoff, criminality, and drag queens.

Want to try out a good online television show that isn't on Revision3? Look no further than GeekEntertinmentTV. Hosted by journalist Irina Slutsky, a seemingly omnipresent figure of the San Francisco (and beyond) Web 2.0 scene, the show features interesting and/or crazy characters from the Internet and offline worlds. Irina is also one of the people behind Pixelodeon, or the cooler version of what the online video award night The Vloggies has become. And, well, she does a whole lot of other shit, too. Just do a Google search on Irina Slutsky to see for yourself.