Lesbians & Sex

Internet Superstar

Lesbians & Sex

Martin moves ever closer to his goal of becoming an Internet Superstar by interviewing with hi-tech sexpert Violet Blue and the guy behind the blog "Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians."

Hey gang! Here's where we found all the amazing people, videos and other online bric-a-brac featured in Episode 4 of Internet Superstar:


Keith May's "Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians" http://www.menwholooklikeoldlesbians.blogspot.com

Sexpert Violet Blue's Site http://www.tinynibbles.com

Violet Blue's Podcast, "Open Source Sex" http://violetblue.libsyn.com

Violet Blue's Favorite Sex Store, Good Vibrations http://www.goodvibes.com

Violet Blue's Favorite Bondage & Fetish Store, Madame S http://www.madame-s.com/


Big Guy Shooting Pistol http://www.doubleviking.com/videos/page0.html/7904.html

Human-Looking Fish That Look Like 80s Comedian David Brenner http://eur.il.yimg.com/eur.yimg.com/xp/premiere_photo/20050905/17/2702182996.jpg http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=1b0_1187591177

Wildly Untalented Bunch of Singers in Stadium http://www.doubleviking.com/videos/page0.html/7923.html

Online Bric-a-Brac:

Man in Tiger Paint http://www.bodypainting.co.uk/portfolio/bodypainting/le-tigre.html

Man in Short Shorts http://www.grimmemennesker.dk/ugly-people-301.htm

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-Internet's Martin Sargent