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  • Should Your Work Have Sex Breaks?

    Swedish politician proposes hour long breaks to have sex! Ava here reporting live from the description box please enjoy this sexy story.


  • What will Obama do after his presidency?

    Obama was offered a job by Spotify.


  • Get A Job Translating Emojis

    A company in London is looking to hire an emoji translator.


  • Mondays: Is 4K Worth It & Pricing Your Work!

    Today, Ryan talks pricing your work, and if 4K is worth the hassle!

    Film Riot

  • Waka Flocka's Personal Blunt Roller Interviews

    Are you ready to work your fingers to the bone? Rapper Waka Flocka Flame is offering 50K per year for someone to roll blunts for him.

    The New Show

  • Stripers Win Against Strip Club

    1900 stripers won a lawsuit against their strip club! Money, money, money, money....MONEY!


  • Samsung Galaxy Gear and Haswell MacBook Pros

    In this episode of Ask the buffalo, Jon tackled the most burning questions in the world of tech including what he thinks of the recently announced Samsung Galaxy Gear, and more!


  • Google Debuts Sexy New YouTube App for iOS!

    Your wait is over, Apple fanboys! The official iPhone event happens today! We've got info on preorder dates AND Google's brand new YouTube app for the iPhone and iPod Touch.


  • Ask The Buffalo: Google Glass and Stuff About Jon!

    Jon R is back to tackle more questions and queries from Buffalo readers, viewers and fans! In this episode, Jon shares his thoughts on the newly announced "Project: Glass" by Google. Jon also provides some insight on the best time to purchase a brand spankin' new smartphone and much more!