Lean Back & Watch Revision3 - Windows Media Center

Download the Revision3 Plugin32 bit systems64 Bit AMD64 Bit Intel
Windows Media Center
What is it?

With Windows Media Center, your PC is a powerful TV, bringing your shows and entertainment to one place. Enjoy broadcast and Internet TV right on your PC. Whenever and wherever you want.

Where to get it

You'll need to have Windows Media Center installed on your PC to run the Revision3 Plug In. To download Windows Media Center, head over to Microsoft's Windows Media Center page. There, you can learn more about the program.

If you already have Windows Media Center installed, choose your platform to get the Revision3 plugin:

32 bit systems 64 Bit AMD 64 Bit Intel

How to use it

After you've installled Windows Media Center and downloaded the plugin, follow these easy steps to watch Revision3 shows.

1. Locate the downloaded plugin.
The installer is an MSI file.

2. Launch the installer
Double click on the .msi file to launch the installer. You'll be guided through a series of steps, ranging from "Collecting information" to "Finalizing information".

3. Verify installation success
When the installation is done, a command prompt will appear. Don't be afraid! Just press any key to dismiss the window. In the installer, you'll see verification that the Revision3 plugin has been installed successfully.

4. Launch Windows Media Center
Locate Windows Media Center from your applications and launch the program. Nagivate to "Extras".

5. Locate the Revision3 Plugin
At this point, you should be able to see the Revision3 icon. You can either lauch Revision3 from here, or optionally right-click and "Add to Start Menu' for easy access.

6. Enjoy watching!
Launch the Revision3 plugin, lean back, grab some popcorn and enjoy watching your favorite shows.