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  • Scamming His Way Into Our Hearts: Brian Brushwood

    While Glenn is still out getting married, Brian Brushwood of Scam School, TWiT, Bizarre Magic, and fire eating fame joins Prager as a special guest.

    Toasted Donut

  • Top 5 Tech Journalists

    We're counting down the top 5 go-to tech journalists this week.

    Tom's Top 5

  • Matt Williams

    Leo Laporte asks Matt Williams the top questions from the Digg community about the controversial switch to Digg 4.0 and what Digg is doing to regain lost visitors.

    Digg Dialogg

  • CES 2011! Verizon iPhone. 2 Screens, One Cup: Acer Iconia. Chrome Plated Alienware, New HDTVs, Passive 3D, Android Honeycomb Tablets, Motorola Xoom, more!

    Robert found the Best HD Projectors at CES: JVC. Samsung, LG and Vizio had great new HDTVS. How good is Toshiba's Glasses Free 3D HDTV? House of Marley Delivers Headphones, Android Tablets, Microsoft Surface Tables For The Home!


  • What You Need to Know About Apple's New iPad!

    Apple announces their new tablet, the iPad. Can it possibly live up to the hype? Get the AppJudgment preview here.


  • Martin Feuds with Twit Host Leo Laporte, and Zombies Attack

    Tech guru and host of This Week In Tech, Leo Laporte, and Martin discuss their bitter, ongoing feud. Plus, other men who are cursed with the heads of children, as Martin and Gator interview the creator of manbabies.com.

    Internet Superstar

  • The Infected Slumber Party

    Put on your softest, most non-chafing pajamas, build a fort out of your soiled couch cushions, and grab a bowl of salty snacks such as Fritos or Funyuns, because you're invited to The Infected Slumber Party! Oh, it'll be a wild night of playing computer games, pillow fights and frank talk about the plight of mankind in the digital age. Just like the slumber parties you went to as a kid! Popular radio personality David Lawrence sleeps over, as does our entertainment reporter Johnny O'Bannion. What follows is unpredictable and in many ways dangerous, so you might want to have your mom wait out in the driveway with the car idling until you settle in.

    Infected by Martin Sargent