Tiny Dancers

Lil' Internet Superstar

Tiny Dancers

A review of the web's finest little person dancers.

Let's get down to brass tacks. Sure, Internet is a great place to see face plants, naked bottoms, or a fish eating a mouse.

But did you know it's also a fantastic place to see midgets dancing?


Well, join us on a little journey through the fascinating world of dancing midgets. I'm quite sure you'll learn a thing or two...

There are the proud dancing cowboy midgets of Mexico, the amazing acrobatic midgets of Tajikistan, the soulful romance of the slow dancing midgets of East Africa, the fiery hip hop dancing midgets of the good old USA, and the god-king of dancing Internet midgets, India's Little Superstar. Though he may be a child, we're not sure.

Regardless, Internet is just plain out-n-out lousy with dancing midgets.

And dammit, this wealth of dancing midgets is an underused resource!

Why you ask? Because it is scientifically proven that watching midgets dance lowers blood pressure, increases brain activity, improves circulation and concentration and, makes both men and women more at ease and, generally, happier.

It's a scientific fact, proven by scientists.

And for those reasons alone dancing midgets of Internet are today's Internet Superstars.

Keep hoofin' it, my little friends, we're all depending on you.

Next week, we'll explore the world of stuttering, singing, albino midget anchormen from Germany, a fascinating subculture to be sure.

Have a nomination for an Internet Superstar? Send it to martin at revision3 dot com.